Please add the name of the Read/Write web tool you are using if it's not listed and your name, username or contact information for that site. With this list, teachers who are looking to try out the tool will know who they can contact for help. Thank you for your contributions!

Blogs Robyn Hannan (but any teacher can have their students use this page) Seth Decker Craig Kaufman (catalogs websites and allows you to share them with others)

Facebook (find high school and college friends--and some students too!)
Seth Decker
Matt Radspinner


Google (gmail, googlepages, igoogle, calendars and so much more



Zoho (web-based word processing, spreadsheets, presentations (like PowerPoint(TM)), wikis, and much more--for free and accessible anywhere with web access; no excuses that the library doesn't have MS Word on their computers!)